We help your organization gather the information you need to execute on your goals.

operational consulting & executive management


Research & Intelligence Gathering

Baron Hunter assists corporate interests, NGOs, high-net-worth individuals, and other organizations with research and intelligence gathering designed to fuel specific goals or effectuate change. Our engagements have been hyper focused or global in scale, supported by a network of professionals worldwide.

Services we provide include due diligence, strategic intelligence, public affairs, negotiating, and unparalleled research. Those with a specific set of problems or opportunities who seek a trusted partner who can operate on a global scale engage Baron Hunter for quick, professional insights and action.

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Business Retreats

ADVANCE is an off-site, multi-day session for your executives designed specifically to build strategic alignment around your organization's goals. 

We guide you in a carefully crafted process to leverage the current realities of your organization to achieve your long-term goals. 

Get a better understanding and self-analysis of your organization's current state. We'll help you find the strengths and weaknesses of your current organization so you can reach your goals faster and more efficiently, all while building alignment among your key stakeholders. 

Baron Hunter comprises a team of entrepreneurs and executives who have fostered numerous successful ventures in a multitude of industries and geographies. With this experience and expertise, you can leverage the knowledge to grow your organization and reach your desired success at a faster pace. 

Learn more about the ADVANCE multi-day session customized to meet your business needs. We'll discuss your needs and budget to determine the right fit for your business.

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Organizations requiring careful and insightful management of corporate entities or NGOs rely on Baron Hunter to guide their efforts. We can provide governance and financial controls, real-time transparency, and operational management for entities on a day-to-day basis — helping to ensure the goals of our clients or boards are met.

Current organizations we manage include a telecommunications firm in the United States, a global brand narrative agency, and the operating businesses of a foundation serving under-developed nations. Our expertise in managing corporate entities was built over two decades through the management of dozens of active organizations with challenging goals.

Most management activities we provide to clients who leverage our consulting services. We recommend new potential clients to engage Baron Hunter for consulting work to determine if long-term management services would be appropriate.

Our Team of Experts

Baron Hunter is led by Managing Partner Dan McDonough, Jr., a serial entrepreneur with global experience in a myriad of fields. Dan's team includes Chief of Staff, Danielle Kingsbury, whose experiences working in cybersecurity and psychology bolster the firm's capacities in digital transformation. Engagements are led by a small team of full-time executive analysts who oversee a larger network of contract professionals with experience in areas such as operations, logistics, finance and global markets, academia, intelligence, media, politics, regulatory affairs, cryptography, security, and empirical research.

Our network is unsurpassed and can be activated for a pressing engagement with just a few hours notice. All contractors are held to the most professional standards of confidentiality, and are seasoned in working through cross-border issues. Baron Hunter also retains firms with legal and accounting expertise for our clients to leverage in many of the world’s jurisdictions.


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